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We like it here. 

Why? Because of its history. Because of where we are and because of where this community is going. 


South Atlanta was originally known as Brownsville. And to truly understand the history of this community lets look at Author Ray Stannard Baker who wrote the following in The Atlanta Riot. The noted reporter indicated the following in 1907. 

When I went out to Brownsville, knowing of its bloody part in the riot, I expected to find a typical negro slum. I looked for squalor, ignorance, vice. And I was surprised to find a large settlement of negroes practically every one of whom owned his own home, some of the houses being as attractive without and as well furnished within as the ordinary homes of middleclass white people. Near at hand, surrounded by beautiful grounds, were two negro colleges


— Clark University and Gammon Theological Seminary. The post office was kept by a negro. There were several stores owned by negroes. The schoolhouse, though supplied with teachers by the county, was built wholly with money personally contributed by the negroes of the neighborhood, in order that there might be adequate educational facilities for their children. They had three churches and not a saloon. The residents were all of the industrious, property-owning sort, bearing the best reputation among white people who knew them. 

We say South Atlanta First because the history

—while forgotten by some is something we should all be very proud of. We are a community positioned to do great things in the future. There is a considerable amount of new construction in the area and once the much anticipated beltline is completed it will bring additional revenue into the community as well.