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Engage With Us

Being engaged in church is about more than merely attending Sunday services.

If you share that passion, you can fully engage in the life of the church by doing four things: Connect. Serve. Give. Invite.

Visiting a new church is intimidating, especially if someone isn’t familiar with church culture. It takes courage to show up to a Sunday service. 

You can connect with us in a variety of areas. From holding a sign and being the very first smile people see as they pass by, to serving in leadership. Inbox us for more information. 

Simply put, we are a church created to serve. When we say SOUTH ATLANTA FIRST its not just something we say its what we believe in doing. We serve in a variety of ways. So if you are unafraid of rolling up your sleeves and going to work inbox us for details. 

If you knew of a place where you can feel better about yourself than you felt when you walked into the door would you want to share this information with a friend? Well, this is the place. We are a movement on the go and making a change in the community. Simply put--we make it easy to tell a friend, to tell a friend!

We are a church that gives. Isn't it beautiful that we can say that? God says, He can give you beauty for ashes? What an amazingly unfair and beautiful exchange. With Him, there is a substitution plan here. There is a plan where you give Him your ashes. Then He, in return, gives you His beauty. We hold onto our ashes and wonder, Why doesn't my life change? Where is His beauty? Well, where are your ashes? You held on to them and He couldn't give you His beauty.

So we believe in giving. Not only financially--but also our talents and our time and then we watch how God gives us His very best in return.