@2019 by First Day Christian Center 

It's Not a church, it's a movement

Join us for our series,

Are You A Christian Atheist?

3116 Benjamin E. Mays Drive, Atlanta Ga 30311 10:00a.m.



A Church For People who have given up on church.

Ever feel like only perfect people are allowed in church?


  • What if you could attend a church where people could just be themselves without fear of judgement.

  • What if the worship was engaging and authentic and you could be in an out of church in 90 minutes?

  • What if the Word was not compromised, loving people was preeminent and Jesus was the focus?

  • What if your kids could not wait to go to church on Sunday morning?

  • What if we did life together and not just went to church together?

  • What if you did not have to wear a mask to church and could just come as you are?

  • What if people believed what they read in the Bible while being free to challenge things they had always questioned and spiritual growth was the most important aspect of their lives?

What would it mean to you to find such a place? 

Welcome to First Day Christian Center.